Security Fence Installation in Salt Lake City

Choosing a security fence for your property is a decision you should not take lightly. With the region’s unique climate and specific urban challenges, selecting a fence that offers both durability and effective security features is essential. That’s why you have All Over Fence’s security fencing specialists to do the job. 

Commercial security fence

Commercial Fencing

Security Fencing—Salt Lake City: The Benefits of Installing One

Security fencing prevents unauthorized entry and improves the property’s safety. By physically preventing access, these fences stop vandalism, theft, and intrusion. Moreover, security fencing is customizable in height, material, and design, allowing it to meet specific security needs and aesthetic preferences.


Security fences are also robust and durable, made from high-quality materials that withstand severe weather conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Beyond security, these fences can increase property value by improving curb appeal and demonstrating a well-maintained, secure environment.

construction site fence

Security Fencing For Construction Sites

Security fencing is beneficial for construction sites, serving multiple critical purposes. It mainly creates a barrier to securing the site from unauthorized access and prevents theft of expensive construction materials and equipment. Construction sites become prime targets for thieves, especially when left unattended during off-hours. 

Additionally, a well-installed security fence ensures the public’s safety by restricting access to dangerous areas, reducing the risk of accidental injuries to pedestrians. This is especially important in busy urban areas where the general public and construction sites often coexist closely. 

Commercial Fencing

Improve Your Property's Security by Calling All Over Fence!

You must protect your commercial property at all costs, and what better way than to install security fencing? Choose All Over Fence for unrivaled quality and reliability in commercial security fencing services. Our expertise in creating fencing solutions for Salt Lake City’s unique needs means your property will be protected and stand out with elegance. 

Whether you’re safeguarding a construction site, industrial complex, or any commercial establishment, our fences can help you achieve durability, style, and utmost security. Ready to elevate your property’s safety and appeal? Contact us today if you have more questions about our fencing services.

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We Configure & Install Custom Gate Systems

Gates & Security Access

Are you looking for a better way to secure your property? Let us custom-design a gate solution to suit your property access needs.

We offer a wide variety of gate operators and access control solutions from trusted brands such as LiftMaster. Our trained technicians can install all types of residential and commercial driveway gates and gate operators.

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