A Holiday Bash: Protect Your Fence From Fireworks

With Independence Day just around the corner, it’s time to hunt down the red, white, and blue napkins; clean the house for the in-laws; and find a spot on the parade route that offers any shade. In addition to these other considerations, we advise you to actively protect your fence. On a holiday when everyone is revving up their grills and shooting rockets into the air, it is important to protect your fence from fireworks and other patriotic party tricks.

Protect Your Fence From Fireworks

The Trouble with Fireworks

Fireworks have been around for thousands of years. Finding their origins in ancient China and the advent of gunpowder, fireworks as we know them have marked celebrations across the globe. The combination of brilliant lights and impressive sounds never fail to bring a healthy chorus of oohs and ahs. The trouble is that their dangers are consistent too.

Thousands of people are hurt each year on Independence Day due to fireworks. In 2018, emergency rooms reported an estimated 9,100 people injured by fireworks, over a third of which were children under 15. That same year approximately 19,500 firework-related fires in the US lead to five deaths and 46 civilian injuries, with both structural and vehicular fires resulting in $105 million in property damage. 

Protect Your Fence From Fireworks

The dangers of fireworks are evident, but we don’t want them to dampen holiday fun. If you follow some precautions this Fourth of July, you can enjoy the time with family and friends and simultaneously protect your fence from fireworks. As a side note, grills are also a source of summer house fires. Observe the same precautions with grills as you do with fireworks, keeping them well away from fences and decks.

Protect Your Fence From Fireworks

Prep the Space

Fireworks should only be set off from flat, clear spaces, away from your house, fence, vehicle, or other structures. Make sure that flammable materials like wood chips and dead grass are completely removed from the launch site. Never set off fireworks from your fence. Common fencing materials, like wood and vinyl, are flammable, and others, like concrete and iron, can still sustain damage under extreme heat.

Keep your trees and other foliage trimmed and be mindful of how closely they grow to your firework space. Even if the fireworks themselves do not come in contact with your fence, if homeowners are not vigilant, they can land in other flammables like dead leaves, bark or wood chips, gutter debris, and dead brush. If these catch fire, it can quickly spread to your fence and property. Especially in the deserts of Utah, the danger of lighting dry brush on fire is high, so you want to be sure that nothing of that nature is near your fence.

Safety First

Keep a bucket of water handy for dunking spent fireworks. Having the hose ready in case of emergency is also a good idea. Make sure your smoke alarms are functioning properly before the holiday fun starts, just to be safe. Especially if you want to protect your fence from fireworks and fires caused by them, familiarize yourself with the fire hazard danger level in your area before lighting any fireworks off. This is particularly important in Utah’s desert climate.

Handle With Care

Make sure you are mindful when lighting off fireworks. Set them on the ground to ignite, and only light off one at a time. Make sure to stay a safe distance from fireworks after you light them, and never point them at structures or people. If a firework doesn’t light because it is defective, don’t attempt to relight it.

Keep the Kiddos Safe

A staggering number of firework-related injuries are sustained by children. While littles may be eager to join in the fun, put their safety first and never let them handle fireworks unsupervised. Make a judgment call early about which kinds of fireworks are age-appropriate for the kids at your Independence Day party.

Protect Your Fence From Fireworks

Watch Your Pets

A less obvious danger to fences and family during fireworks displays is a household’s pets. Every year, property damage is sustained by pets—especially dogs—being startled by fireworks. The combination of bright lights and loud sounds that are so enthralling to people can sometimes prove too much for pets, and they have been known to chew or break through fences while everyone’s eyes are focused on the sky. Hold your pets close during firework displays, both to calm them and to keep your fence and other property safe.

Enjoying the Summer Holiday

It is very possible to enjoy fireworks, both lighting and watching them, while keeping yourself, your family, and your property safe. Keep alert this Fourth of July to guard your home and protect your fence from fireworks. In the event that repairs need to be made on July 5, All Over Fence is here to help.


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