Building a Fence in the Winter? Absolutely!

Most think that you have to do construction and anything that involves working outside is only done in the summertime. Unless the ground is frozen solid several feet down, fences can be installed in the winter. There’s many benefits to installing a new fence in the winter that you might not have thought about. 

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During the spring and summer months, getting a contractor to install your new fence will take months of waiting. Even if you schedule ahead of time, you are going to have to wait longer than you would in the winter. Winter installation is a shorter time period and project completions are often faster. There are times in the winter when the weather is a bit unforgivable, AOF will work with you to reschedule for a mutually convenient time. 

Less Landscaping Worries

Most scrubs, trees and other plants go idle during the winter. During installation, they can be trimmed or relocated without causing long-term damage. Grass also means your yard won’t be affected as dramatically by equipment and workers. Digging a hole for the posts is around 24 inches into the ground, so as long as the ground is not frozen that deep, working in the winter will be a lot more beneficial. 


Trees and scrubs aren’t always going to give you privacy year round. During the winter when they go idle, it’s a lot easier to see through the branches which brings less privacy. Installing a privacy fence can help if you are feeling a little exposed and you don’t always need to wait until the spring or summer. 

Holiday Puppies

Winter and Christmas are the most popular times of the year for families to bring in a new fur friend. If you get a new puppy this season, installing a fence before they arrive is a great reason to get it done in the winter. Puppy protection with a fence is a great way to let them play outside and potty train without a leash. 

Outdoor Activities

Once warm weather arrives, you and your family will want to enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you install a new fence during this time, it will restrict the use of your yard. If you install your new fence in the winter time, it will not only be less damaging to your yard but it won’t interfere with your outdoor activities in the summer. You can enjoy summer without having to worry about construction. 

So, Why Wait?

The biggest benefit of installing a new fence in the winter is that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces the first moment spring arrives. Don’t put off your backyard project until springtime if you can get it all done in the colder months. You can beat the crowd and get it done faster. All Over Fence is a highly rated company that is fully licensed and insured to install fences, railings and related structures. There is no perfect solution for every property’s fencing than AOF in Utah. Contact our office in Magna, UT to schedule your new fence installation today!


All Over Fence

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