Chain Link Fencing – Understanding Your Options

Utah fence contractors often get calls to install chain link fencing. This comes as no surprise, as it’s affordable, durable and doesn’t require much maintenance.

What is surprising, however, is that many customers seem to think every chain link fence is exactly alike – and this isn’t the case at all. Before installing this type of fencing, you will have a number of choices to make.

Customization options for chain link fence

Fence Gauge

Look closely, and you’ll see that the gauge or thickness of the wires in chain link fencing varies. When selecting a gauge, the lower the number, the stronger the wire.

Mesh Size

Chain link fencing also comes in several mesh sizes, with the diamonds ranging from 1/8 inches each all the way up to 3 ½ inches – or even larger, in some cases. Smaller openings make for a more secure and durable fence.

Wire Material

The type of wire used has a direct effect on fence longevity. Choices include:

  • Galvanized – This wire material is constructed with zinc to protect against rust. The wire may be galvanized before or after weaving (GBW or GAW), with the latter being a stronger option.
  • Stainless steel – This type of wire offers even greater rust resistance and can be wise for applications that require above-average performance.
  • Aluminized – This wire type provides the strength and exceptional corrosion resistance of steel, but is lighter in weight.

Fence Color

Chain link fences are also available in a variety of colors. Vinyl-coated fencing is commonly black or green, but other shades – such as white, brown or gray – can be right for some properties.

What Type of Fencing Should You Install?

Let your needs dictate the choices you make for your fence installation.

If you’re putting up a property enclosure for security, a low gauge wire and the smallest mesh size are probably best. If, on the other hand, you’re installing a fence to keep your dog in the yard, you still need to go low with the gauge – but bigger mesh openings to provide a better view.

Cost is also a factor, of course. As you might expect, stronger and more durable fencing solutions tend to be more expensive. On the flip side of that equation, spending more often means greater fence longevity. If you don’t want to replace your fencing anytime soon, you may want to select a longer-lasting wire material.

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