Choosing a Fence Contractor

A fence can be incredibly beneficial for your property. It can help to keep your property secure, as well as improve the value of the property. When you intend to have a fence added to your property, you will want to ensure that you choose the best fence contractor for the job. This will often make a substantial difference regarding the final product you can expect to receive. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when you are choosing a fence contractor.

Get References

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Does your neighbor have a beautiful fence? Are you fond of the fence of your parents’ home? Asking your loved ones for references can give you some ideas of where to start when choosing a fence contractor. It is important to keep location in mind when you ask for these references. You will want to hire a company that is located close enough that you are within their service range.

Do Research

Doing your research can make a substantial difference when it comes to the quality of the product you receive. It is beneficial to carefully consider the fence contractor that you choose prior to making a decision. You shouldn’t just go with the first company that you find.

Learn What Materials they Work With

If you have a specific material in mind for your fencing, you will want to ensure that the company works with that material. Consult with the team to learn what kind of materials are available when you purchase a fence through them. They will also be able to guide you through the process of choosing the ideal material that will meet all of your specific fencing needs.

Evaluate what Services they Offer

It is important to consider what services are available through the company prior to making a decision. You should consider companies that will offer a multitude of services, such as installation, maintenance, and repairs. This will ensure that you are able to work with the same company whenever any problems arise with your fence. Not only is this more convenient, but it is also much more effective.

Gauge their Experience

Consider the experience of the contractor when you are trying to make a decision. When you are aware of the experience of both the company and their employees, you will be able to be confident in their services.

Devise a Timeline

When you are trying to choose a fence contractor, you will want to consider the timeline that you need, as well as the overall scope of the project. Check with the company to ensure that you will be able to obtain the finished project within the timeframe that you need.

Licensed and Insured

The fence contractor that you choose to work with should be both licensed and insured. This is an important component in reducing issues that you may otherwise experience. For example, insurance can protect you from significant problems that may arise as a result of an accident on the worksite. The licensing helps to ensure that the company meets legal requirements to provide you with these services.


Check with the company to determine if they offer a warranty before you make a decision. There are multiple reasons for this. For one thing, warranties will provide you with protection if anything goes wrong with your fence. Another important consideration is that a company that offers a warranty is stating that they are confident with their services.

Get Multiple Estimates

Ask multiple companies for estimates prior to making a decision. This can help you to get a better understanding of what you should expect to pay for your project. It can also make it easier to effectively compare companies and make a good decision. However, it is important to note that price should not be your primary consideration. You should be wary if one estimate is substantially lower than the others.

Choosing a fence contractor can feel like a difficult process. Following these steps can help you to make the right decision to meet all of your specific requirements. Our team at All Over Fence can provide a broad array of services to meet all of your fencing related needs. To learn more about the best ways to help choose a fence contractor, contact us at All Over Fence today!


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