Does A Fence Add Value To A Home?

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Living in Salt Lake City is fun. With the Wasatch Mountains to the east and north and the Oaker Mountains to the west, you will always enjoy the serene environment. The eastern parts of the city face ancient beaches of Great Salt Lake. These aspects have attracted many people to buy homes here. A question of whether a fence will add value to your home will rise when planning to sell a house. We will guide you on how a fence can add value and the importance of having one.

Yes, a fence can add value

Adding a few home improvements when planning to sell will go a long way in increasing your chances of selling a house. We have hundreds of homes in Salt Lake City County, UT scrambling for the market. So for your house to sell, you will have to make some adjustments. Residential fencing is one way to increase the value of a home.

Are you wondering how fencing will enhance your home value? Well, here are ways they will add value;

Privacy increases marketability

A fence should measure 5-9 feet tall. Having a fence installed at your home for privacy purpose will increase the marketability since many buyers love privacy. Some homeowners own pets such as dogs or have kids. These owners may be reluctant to buy a home if it lacks a fence. They find installing one for themselves as expensive and time-consuming. So, they would wish to have a home with an installed fence.

Type of fence increases the value of a home

Are you thinking of an appropriate fence to install? Well, the material used to fence your home will dictate the value of the house. We would recommend you not to go far to the available cheaper options.

Fences such as chain links are cheaper than wood fences. They will give your home exterior a decorative look but will fail to provide privacy. For residential fencing, go for wrought iron. This is because it is the most durable and cost-effective fence you can get from a fencing contractor. However, you will have to do regular maintenance, such as coating to prevent rusting.

A fencing worker can also vouch for wood fences to increase a home’s value. They can undergo customization. It forms any unique shape that is attractive to the neighborhood. You will need wood such as cider since they are durable. However, their challenge is regular sealing or staining. They need regular care to prevent the fence from termite infestation and rot.

Professional fence installation adds house value

Fences that attract a good value for a home are those done by a fencing contractor. Good contractors offer high-quality work. A fence installation done by an expert can stand up over long periods. It can also withstand adverse weather conditions.

Fences done with an experienced fencing contractor will last for years. When the time for selling comes, it will increase the value of your home. You won’t have an extra investment incurred on the fence when planning for a sale.

Avoid DIY fences. Your lack of experience could lead to poor quality, hence no value added to your home. If your fence is of low quality, invest on repairs before showing potential buyers the home.

Backyard fence increases the value

A beautiful fence has ornamental paybacks, such as improving the look of your yard and house. If your house has a poor and unattractive backyard, a versatile and tall fence can block the view. It can be customized to produce a beautiful view of your backyard.

If the fence positioning is correct and is of a high standard, it will have a considerable impression. Fences constructed at the front yard reduces the charm of your house. But, one placed at the backyard has an opportunity to attract buyers and add value to the house.

Fences must match with the house design to attract value

A home’s value can be boosted if the residence fencing matches your home’s style and design. A sleek, modern home will look fresh with Vinyl fencing. It is a common substitute for antique wood or metal rail fences. It is durable as it can last as long as ten years with little maintenance. So, ensure you match the fence with the home design to increase its value.

Why have a fence?

For you to invest in the right place, note down what buyers and renters want. The most desirable characteristic of a property is having a good-looking and reliable fence because;

They provide security

The primary purpose of a fence is to provide protection. Having a functional and robust fence beefs up the level of security to a home. Also, it will be difficult for intruders or animals to creep into your yard. Fences, most importantly, enhance security around your back door.

If they are tall enough, you won’t worry about distraction and noise from outside. Homeowners having pets and kids understand Home importance of safety. They prefer having their loved ones bounded in a controlled area.

Enhance beauty

Other than providing privacy and security, fences look good. For instance, a home with a clean vinyl picket fence in its front yard is deemed more attractive. One without a fence brings an ugly perception. There are so many styles and types of fences available. They range from essential to luxury status and vary on value. Any fence with a good shape enhances the beauty of your property.

Add value to your house

As explained above, the most accessible and affordable way of increasing your home’s value is by installing a fence. Lack of a fence is a huge disappointment to buyers. A good fence can increase a home’s value drastically depending on the type of material. Although other home improvements such as painting and fixing the lighting add value, they are not eye-catching as a fence.

When setting up the value of your home, a realtor will look at the condition of the house and the fence to determine the price. When ready to sell your house, remember the above tips and ideas because they will award you a bonus.

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