Does Ornamental Iron Fencing Rust?

Ornamental iron fencing can boost the aesthetic appeal and increase the value of any home or business property. And, when it comes to durability, strength and security, iron fences are hard to beat.

Of course, iron is a metal – and that leads many people to wonder about rust. But is rusting really a concern?

Although rust was a problem in the past, modern iron fencing has the fortitude to stand up against exposure to the elements. And, if any corrosion does occur, it’s easy to eliminate.

iron fencing rust

Why Ornamental Iron Fencing Rarely Rusts

Like any other metal, iron can rust when exposed to rain, snow or high humidity – and we see all of those weather conditions here in northern Utah.

Fencing made from ornamental iron, however, hardly ever corrodes. As part of the manufacturing process, a high-quality, long-lasting protective coating is applied. This high-tech finish guards against rust, while also minimizing fading from exposure to sunlight.

What to Do About Rust on Ornamental Iron Fencing

Iron fences highly resistant to rust, but that doesn’t mean corrosion never occurs. Fortunately, the issue has a simple three-step fix:

Step 1 – Use sandpaper or steel wool to rub away the rust. If that doesn’t work, try a stiff metal brush or powered disc sander.

Step 2 – Clean the fence, using a solution of warm water and dish soap. Rinse, then dry thoroughly with a microfiber towel.

Step 3 – Apply an oil-based, anti-rust primer. Once the surface is dry, paint the fencing, taking care to provide full coverage.

Tips to Maintain Ornamental Iron Fencing

With proper care, ornamental iron fences can last for decades. To keep fencing in tip-top shape and reduce the risk of future corrosion problems, follow these expert tips:

  • Avoid using a weed trimmer anywhere near the fence
  • Leave clearance when placing border plants to allow for damage-free pruning
  • Cut back overgrown vegetation and climbing vines
  • Make sure lawn sprinklers and hoses don’t spray the fencing
  • Inspect the fence for damage at least once per year

Following this last tip is crucial. By giving the fence a regular once-over, small issues can be addressed and eliminated before the damage gets too serious. Wait for a sunny, warm day, and walk the entire fence with an eye toward rust, nicks, scratches and broken or bent hardware – and don’t forget to check the gates. Deal with problem areas immediately to preserve the beauty and structural integrity of the fencing.

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