How long does a vinyl fence last?


Having a fence around one’s house is like putting on cloth; it’s incredibly crucial. Similar to cloth attires, fencing options are extensive. Good examples include handrails, composite, chain link fence, and many more.

Nonetheless, when it comes to fence installation, a vinyl fence is the crème de la crème of the lot. Ask any fencing contractor. It is mainly vital in Salt Lake County in Utah.

Therefore, let’s look at what makes this fence type to be highly exceptional.

The Make-Up

What exactly is a vinyl fence? You must be wondering about it. Well, this kind of fencing product carries with it several names. The most popular is the PVC fence. It’s also known as plastic or synthetic fence.

According to these names, you must have a clue about the make-up composition of the fence. Its make is from plastics. Most importantly, recycling ones. You can take yourself as an environment conservative if you choose this fencing type.

Visit and see that these fences come in a variety of options; best varieties for South Lake residents. It is mainly in the aspect of colors. Thus, you are sure that your home will always stun.

More so, you can choose a white fence. It will be a good idea to bond with the kids. You can depict a painting of the seven streams that feed the Salt Lake Valley. Excellent idea, is it not? Or even the breath-taking Wasatch Mountains.

The Fencing Price

As you consider hiring a fencing contractor to install the fence, it’s vital to know how much your pockets will cough out. On average, those living in Salt Lake Utah, the cost is $3000 and above.

Lovers of a picket fence, $20 per linear square foot, will deliver the materials at your doorstep. Labor may be roughly $35 and above per hour. It may look slightly on the high, but it’s worthwhile.

A significant element to note is that when it comes to these fences, the thickness is everything. Hence, additional products are necessary. It will raise the cost a bit. Examples comprise post caps, gates, and texturing. 

Installation Process of the Fence

The fence installation process of this particular fence is short, approximately 2 hours. It does not need much experience for installation to occur. Therefore, if you are a hardworking and robust individual, this process can be your summer project.

Remember, before anything, having a building permit is of the utmost importance. In Salt Lake, this is the case for fences above 6 feet in height. If this is the case, once the installation is over, an instructor must come to verify. It is best to look for a professional at this point.

Fence Maintenance and Repair

It may come as a shock, but these fences last for almost 30 years. The point that they are from plastics attributes to this. Thus, maintenance for these fences is a piece of cake. Visit to learn more about the low maintenance aspect of the fence.

Nevertheless, algae, molds, or mildew can grow on the fence, requiring repairing. The case applies when a section of the fence breaks. Considering it is made of plastic, repairs will require an entire replacement of the fence.

Do not worry, though; it rarely occurs.

Pros of Installing this Kind of Fence

● The obvious is, of course, its low maintenance aspect.

● Its durability is an additional advantage. Thanks to it being plastic, it will not rot or splinter.

● It’s the best option for security and privacy accomplishment. See

● and discover more on the point.

● It’s has a high-quality fence variety type that resembles the traditional wood fence.

Cons of Installing this Kind of Fence

Similar to all good things, negative aspects are bound to present themselves.

● Harsh weather conditions can damage the fence as it’s from plastic.

● The initial installation is relatively expensive.

● Environmentally speaking, choosing the fence is inappropriate because it’s not a natural material.

The Significance of Having a Fence

It is vital that before ending the article, mentioning the importance of having a fence is of the utmost significance. Below are some ideal points applicable not just for Salt Lake County in Utah but worldwide.

I. Safety/ Security

It is the number one reason for building a fence. A fence is the first line of security in any home. And not just to protect the people but animals and other critical aspects. Protection is not from outside dangers but inside safety as well. Homes with pets and young children need fences to keep them from wandering off, and possibly getting injured or lost.

II. Privacy

If you are like most individuals, your outdoor area is an extension of your indoors. Hence, just as you want privacy inside, it is of a vitally in the outside. It is the case in homes where the swimming pool is outside.

Particularly this summer, you will not want to find yourself swimming in the pool with eyes from walkers staring. Therefore having a fence is all you need. You can sit down and relax stressful of spying from neighbors and other people.

III. Curb from trespassing plant life

It’s not hard to relate that almost everyone has that neighbor whose yard is quite unkempt. In Salt Lake, UT, this is not news. The neighbor’s yard may give Wasatch-cache National Forest a run for their money.

Installation of a fence will aid keep these unwanted plant lives from paying your yard unnecessary visit. The vinyl kind is the best as it has no gaps.

IV. To build an aesthetic appeal.

It’s essential to install a fence to give one’s home that curb attraction. A fence is the first thing visitors see and thus should be attractive. For the achievement of this, most people will pick a picket fence, mostly white.

V. To seal off noises and unnecessary sights.

Concealment is a critical element of fencing. Salt Lake is the most populous area in Utah. Hence, the noises are normal. Fencing will keep these noises out. As well, if the neighbor is having a party, the sight may be unnecessary for you, and the fence will come in handy.

In conclusion, as a resident of Salt Lake, UT, a vinyl fence should be your new best friend. Find a fencing contractor today, and have a professional fencing installation done for the best outcome. Remember to visit to know all you need about these fences.

Learn more about how a fence can add value to your home.


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