How To Keep Your Fence Looking Like New

Maintaining your fence can keep it looking like new over time. Depending on what type of fence you have will determine the type of preservation you’ll need to do.  Certainly, a wood fence requires different nourishment than a vinyl fence. At All Over Fence, our experienced team has the knowledge on how to preserve and keep your fence in the best condition at all times. Here are a few tips on maintaining each type of fence.  

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Wood fences require more maintenance than some others but if taken care of, they can bring out the best qualities of your property. The best way to protect your wooden fence is to paint or stain it every few years. You will need to clean the wood regularly to remove dirt and grime from the surface. General soap and water with a scrubbing brush are efficient or power washing it. Keep in mind, wood does rot when it consistently comes into contact with water, so keep your sprinklers turned away. If you do end up seeing mold or mildew, spray the area with mold cleaner and wipe clean. Doing these will help ensure the wood’s capability of withstanding exposure to any weather elements.  


Vinyl takes very minimal amounts of maintenance, that’s why they’re so popular now a days. They don’t crack, warp, rot, or rust. Unlike wood, you don’t need to paint or stain vinyl fences which will save hours of work over the years. Everything eventually does look dirty and warn after being exposed to the elements over time, vinyl is simple maintenance when it does come time to clean. Here are just a few ideas you can use to clean vinyl fences.  

  1. Spray with a garden hose 
  1. Scrub with bleach-based cleanser and a soft cloth 
  1. All-in-one detergent and power washer for those tough stains 
  1. Magic eraser 
  1. Mix vinegar with water 


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Iron fences can be extraordinarily durable but they can rust over time. When your iron fence is installed, it comes with a protective coating to make it more resistance to damage. You may want to reapply this regularly to prevent further damage to the fence. When you start to see rust, you should scrub with a small brush or toothbrush works too, as soon as possible. Use soap and water, then rinse and let the fence dry when you are done.  


Composite fences are incorporated of recycled materials. A basic cleaning of soap and hot water with a brush is ideal to clean this type of fence. If you notice stubborn stains, you should still wash with soap and water. You can use a cleaning detergent but I would test it out in a small area that is not as noticeable. If you use a power washer, use it at a lower setting and work your way up as needed. Pressure washing could damage the fence, so please be careful.  

Maintaining your fence can either be a lot of work or not as much; either way it’s good to know what you can do to keep it looking like new. When damage happens, it is important to catch and repair as soon as possible. If you see any damage to your fence, contact All Over Fence today to hear what our professionals have to help repair your fence.  


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