How to Protect Wood Fencing from Termites

Wood fencing offers natural beauty and long-term durability. With proper care, a wooden fence can last for decades, giving you the privacy and protection you need and the aesthetic appeal you want for your property.

However, termites can be an issue. Wood is wood to these ravenous pests, and to them, a wooden fence could look mighty tasty.

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect wood fencing from a termite infestation. Here’s how to make sure your fence stays termite-free.

Keeping wood fence termite-free

Treat the Fence

One of the most effective ways to prevent termites from munching on wood fencing is to have it regularly treated. Pesticides work well, or you can apply an oil-based stain. If you’d rather paint your fence, use an oil-based primer or termite-resistant paint.

Remove Nearby Wood

Are there any old, rotten stumps close to your wooden fence? Get rid of them and any other nearby wood that may attract termites. Make sure your stack of firewood is at least a few feet away from the fencing, too.

Transplant Heavy Shrubs

Big bushes and hefty shrubs can be attractive to termites, so transplanting any that are close to your wood fencing is a smart move. Flowers are safer to plant along a fence, but be aware that frequent watering could set the scene for an infestation.

Clear Away the Mulch

To termites, mulch makes for a great meal. If you have any near your wood fencing, the pests could easily move from munching the mulch to feasting on your fence. So, you may want to skip mulching in favor of using landscaping rock.

Eliminate Sources of Moisture

Damp areas and standing water can create the ideal environment for termites. Check your property for sources of moisture, and remove them to help safeguard your wood fencing against an infestation.

Regularly Check the Fence

Despite your best efforts, termites can make their way to your wooden fence. To combat this, inspect it on a regular basis, looking for holes and damaged areas. Cracked paint, hollow-sounding wood and termite droppings – which resemble sand or sawdust – can also point to an infestation. If you spot the problem early on, you can stop the pests before they get out of hand.

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