How to Protect Your Wooden Fence in the Winter

Winter weather damage

So you’ve had your fence for a while now and you’ve noticed that it has some wear and tear from the winter. Or maybe you just got a new fence and wanted to preserve it from winter weather damage. Well here are some tips to help keep your wood fence like new for many years to come. 

Waterproof Paint

One way to keep your fence from getting ruined is to apply exterior wood paint, wood stain or preserve. You can also use waterproof paint, stain or sealer to help from the snow eating away the natural woods. You should allow the paint to dry up to 24 hours before applying a second coat. 

Look for weak spots

When preparing your yard for the winter weather, you should also walk around your fence to make sure there’s no weak spots. This includes any damaged pickets, protruding nails, decaying spots, etc. you want to make sure all those areas are fixed to prevent further damage to your beautiful wood fence. 

Clear areas of debris

When you’re cleaning up your yard as the leaves fall down, you want to make sure you keep any of those leaves and other debris away from your fence. If not, this will leave moisture inside and cause further damage like making your wood fence rot. 

Remove loose branches

Any low hanging or loose branches can cause serious damage to your fence. Especially if there’s a blizzard. These low hanging branches can cause destruction when there’s heavy wind and snow, not only to your fence but if they’re close enough, it can damage your home as well. 

Increase fence visibility

We all know how hard it is to see in the winter when we’re driving. Same thing goes for your fences. Snow covering the road and your fence can make it hard to see the difference, causing someone to accidentally run into it. You can protect your fence that’s along the road by placing bright orange or brightly colored flags alongside it. Any reflective posts or flags can make people see your property line a lot easier during those rough blizzard days. 

Winter care

Winter weather can be really hard on your wooden fence. Another step you can take to help prevent impairment is to keep the snow off. You don’t want to use a snow shovel as the shovel can chip the paint or even dent the wood. Use a brush or broom to gently remove the snow without ruining your fence even further. You can also use the brush from your snow scraper to sweep off snow and ice. 

When you are cleaning your driveway and sidewalks of the snow, try not to make a pile next to your fence as it can also keep the moisture in. Having a heavy pile of snow next to your fence can cause unwanted strain, same goes for snow drifts. The more strain on your wooden fence from the snow can make it fall over. It’s best to shovel away any piles or snow drifts to prevent that from happening. 

Remember it’s always best to prepare your fence as well as your yard before winter hits. Take care of your fence just as much as you take care of your driveway or home during the cold seasons. Check on your fence often, if you see something that could cause more damage, fix or remove it. By preparing and fixing any problems with your wooden fence before and during the winter, it will help keep it lasting longer. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can always contact your fence professionals at All Over Fence.


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