Choosing A Pet-Friendly Fence

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Choosing The Perfect Pet-Friendly Fence

The most important thing when choosing a fence for your home is to make sure your pet doesn’t find a loose end to get out of. There are many important considerations to think of regarding the perfect pet-friendly fence to protect your pet and family. Here are some options to that you will need to keep in mind when finding the right pet-friendly fence for your home.  


You should measure how high you want your fence to be for many reasons. Many dog breeds can jump fairly high, especially if you have a large dog. They could jump over the fence when they see a squirrel that they may want to chase down the neighborhood. Then the dog catcher might come knocking on your door and you don’t want that conversation. If you’re unsure of how high your fence should be, research the breed of your pet to see how high they can actually jump. Usually, the bare minimum is 4 feet in order to keep dogs securely within your property, but that would be considered if you had a smaller dog.  

Prevent Climbing and Tunneling 

You might think a chain-link fence is going to save you more money in your pocket, when in fact it’s a lot easier for your pet to climb the fence no matter how high it is. They can also end up digging far enough underground to wiggle their way through. There’s not much of a barrier with the chain-link fence, just the poles that are placed to hold the fence up. You’ll need a vinyl fence or even our composite fences, something that is sleek or flat to prevent your pet from climbing or digging. You can also prevent them from tunneling under your fence by placing a layer of concrete at the bottom before installation. Even If they decide to dig, they will end up at the concrete level and give up. It can also prevent other animals from tunneling to enter your property.  

Restrict Their View 

A beautiful, wooden picket fence is a wonderful way to add that curb appeal to your home. But it’s not much if your pet tends to bark at anything that walks by. You want to think about your pet’s point of view and what they will see through your fence. If you don’t want the hassle then we’d suggest getting a more solid fence that your pet can’t see through. All Over Fence has many fences from design to color to fit your needs.  

Durability and Maintenance 

While the chain-link fence is easy to fix, it’s still not the best option to help keep your pet in your property. It is important to ensure that you choose a fence that is extremely durable in order to reduce the possibility of those issues. A vinyl or Composite fence is perfect for the durability you’ll need. Vinyl or Composite fences last for a long time and there’s little to no maintenance required.  

Work With A Great Company 

A pet-friendly fence is important to ensure you’re keeping your pet safe within your property, so hiring a professional to install your new fence will provide security. Your professional fence installation will make sure that your pets are secured and won’t escape. We’ll also make sure that the best fence will meet all your specific requirements. 

It is also important to keep these considerations when installing a new fence for your pet. You’ll also want to ensure that you keep in mind the specific breed of your dog, so to identify the appropriate dimensions for your fence. To learn more about the different fence types we offer, contact us at All Over Fence or browse through our website today! 


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