Top 5 Benefits of Installing a New Fence

As fencing contractors, we’re probably a little biased – but we’re not stretching the truth when we say installing a new fence is a smart move.

If you’ve never considered putting in property fencing, you might want to give the idea some serious thought. Whether you go with wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, composite wood or any other type of material, you’ll enjoy several advantages after installing a new fence.

Here are five compelling reasons why adding fencing to your property makes good sense.

Benefits of installing a new fence

No. 1: A New Fence Provides Home Security

A property without a fence is open to the outside world – anyone can enter at any time, with little to no effort. Someone could easily stroll up and steal your patio furniture, or worse, break into your home. Install new fencing, and your property will be less vulnerable to intruders.

No: 2: A New Fence Keeps Kids & Pets Safe

New fencing doesn’t just work to keep people out – it also keeps kids and pets on your property. Your back yard can be a private play area for your children, a safe haven for them to let out their energy. At the same time, a fence allows your dog to safely go outside without a leash.

No. 3: A New Fence Ensures Your Privacy

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit out on the back porch or deck and enjoy your morning coffee in your bathrobe? Or have a romantic dinner under the shade trees in the backyard? Try either of these without a privacy fence, and you may be putting on a show for your neighbors.

No. 4: A New Fence Establishes Boundary Lines

After you install new fencing, your property will have clear boundary lines – no more guessing where, exactly, your responsibility for upkeep ends. Even if you get along with your neighbors, using a fence to establish a boundary between your properties puts an end to any confusion.

No. 5: A New Fence Boosts Home Value & Curb Appeal

Homes that have property fencing tend to sell for higher prices than similar houses that don’t have fences. This might not mean much now, but it will if you end up putting your property on the market at some point in the future. Plus, the boost in home value gives you a bigger cushion of funds to borrow against, should a home equity loan become necessary.

Have we convinced you to consider the idea of installing new fencing? If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area and you’re ready to explore your options, talk to the professional contractors at All Over Fence.

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