Ways Your Fence Adds to Property Value

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The materials from which a fence is made can have a substantial impact on a property value. Iron, Vinyl, and wooden fences often bring an ROI (return on investment) of 50% or more when the home is sold. On average, privacy fences are between four and nine feet tall. Based on several factors such as material and maintenance costs, installation of a fence will increase the marketability of your property when you sell. 

Position of your fence

Having a nice fence can have its benefits if you live in a home with an aesthetically pleasing view.  You may not think a fence will do much for your home but you’d be surprised that it can actually have a big impact. Nobody can resist the quaint appearance of a white picket fence with roses poking through its slats and an elegant mailbox perched atop. This strikes out to others as a “Come on in!” atmosphere. Additionally, placing that “Open House” sign beside a beautifully crafted fence with a well maintained yard and garden will make it more inviting to buyers. 

If you are considering adding a fence to your home, spending roughly $2700 on average, you’ll end up getting a serious return on your investment when you sell. A home that is valued at $200,000, according to Zillow’s median price, will increase to almost double that amount just by adding in an appealing fence.

While a chain link fence may be less costly, the property value obtained is minimal and doesn’t give off the “curb appeal.” A beautiful custom wood fence or even an ornamental iron fence are more ideal for that curb appeal look to the front of your home. To outline your backyard, a vinyl fence with a gate is also recommended for the same presentation. Before you decide which fence you want to place in your front or back yard, you may want to consider utility easements and homeowner restrictions to avoid fines. Below are some links to Utah’s homeowner regulations. 

Privacy and Security

Living in Salt Lake City is wonderful for all homeowners and families, but even the safest neighborhoods have some bad omission. Even if you have close-by neighbors, privacy becomes more important. Also if you have kids, pets or both, your main concern is keeping them safe. Adding a fence to your home covers all those concerns, and can add more property value. The experts here at All Over Fence can help you with obtaining privacy and security to your home. That way you can enjoy your backyard without having to worry about your kids or pets wandering off to the next door neighbors, or someone else walking by and looking into your backyard. 

Fence Maintenance

Depending on the type of fence you want for your home will depend on the maintenance you’ll need to do to take care of it over the years. If you want a wood fence, the type of wood will most likely raise the value of your home but keeping the wood maintained is a lot of work. If you want a vinyl fence, maintenance won’t be such a hassle. Vinyl fences don’t crack, warp, rot, splinter or rust, so there is little to no maintenance. Iron fences can be extremely durable, but you may need to reapply coating regularly in order to prevent any damage to the fence. So whatever type of fence you choose, All Over Fence can help ensure that your fences remain in the ideal condition throughout the year. To learn more about maintenance on your fence, or if you have any questions, contact the experts at All Over Fence today!

Take a look at the different types of fences we have here at All Over Fence to find the perfect one for your home. 

Utah Homeowner Regulations : https://statelaws.findlaw.com/utah-law/utah-property-line-and-fence-laws.html


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