Wood Fencing: Choosing the Right Type for You

Wood fencing remains one of the most popular choices for both homeowners and business owners in northern Utah.

The natural beauty and durability of wood enhance the appearance and value of your property. Although this material requires some regular maintenance to retain its beauty and strength, wood is more cost-effective than most alternatives.

If you’re considering installing wood fencing in the Salt Lake City area, you’ll have to choose which material is right for your project.

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Cedar Wood Fencing

Cedar fencing is ideal for use in northern Utah. It resists pest and rot and lasts longer than most wood alternatives. This material resists warping and shrinking, allowing it to maintain its like-new appearance for years or decades. Compared to the alternatives, cedar is also affordable.

Cedar is popular with environmentally conscious home and business owners, because it isn’t chemically treated. You can finish this material with the stain of your choice, to extend its life. Or, if you prefer, you can leave it unfinished to patina naturally; however, this will cause the material to break down more quickly than it otherwise would.

Cedar is also used in split rail fencing. Less formal than many alternatives, each rail and post typically has a slightly different size and irregular shape. You can add stain to preserve its rich, warm color. Left bare, this rustic fence will take on a gray or silver tone.

Redwood Fencing

Redwood is highly sought-after, prized for its rich appearance and durability. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices in northern Utah.

Like cedar, redwood resists rot and infestation. When properly sealed and maintained, it is also highly durable, with little swelling or shrinking. The cost is a little higher than the alternatives but adding a redwood fence to your home or business can improve value as well as curb appeal.

You can design your redwood fencing to match the architectural style of your property. You can choose privacy or semi-privacy designs to create a traditional look or a more modern style, depending on your goals.

Pine Fencing

Pinewood fencing is ideal for cabins and rustic settings. Typically used for railings and lodgepole fence designs, this material develops a stunning gold patina over time. Properly maintained, pine wood can endure for decades.
Other wood options for your Utah fencing project include fir, oak and cypress.

At All Over Fence, we offer a wide variety of options, based on your goals and budget. We can assist you in making your material and finish selections, to ensure you get the perfect results you’re looking for.
Contact us today to learn more, or to request a complimentary consultation and detailed estimate for your northern Utah wood fencing project.


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